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About us

Bhardwaj Classes was established in 1989. Pioneer in the field of coaching students for creative professions. Over years Bhardwaj Classes has guided students to join leading colleges in Design and Architecture. We have a strong alumni base which has grown over the years and students are excelling in there respective fields. Today Bhardwaj Classes is run and managed by Ex NID Alumni. We have emerged as leader in Classroom Coaching Program for Creative Careers. We have been consistently producing Top Ranks and High Success % at leading Design and Architecture Aptitude Test for leading exams and colleges like NID NIFT UCEED CEED NATA JEE2. RESULT HIGHLIGHT 2017-18 > AIR 01 NID Saurav Verma > AIR 01 NIFT Kartik Singh, Kanishtha Chaudhary > AIR 01 NATA > 200/200 JEE2 APTITUDE > Aditya Agarwal > AIR 01 CEED IITB Niharika Kapil.

95% success ratio with High Success % in leading colleges


Aditya Agarwal

Modern School Barakhamba
SPA Delhi

I got 411 rank in JEE 2 with score of 200/200 in Aptitude and score of 168/200 in NATA. I’m going to SPA Delhi. I cleared 7 out of 8 design and architecture entrances I gave. I’ve already made it to SPA Delhi but as the most secure backup, I also have CEPT Ahmedabad and JJ Bombay for architecture since I got 95.2% in boards. I got 138 marks and a rank of 168 in UCEED (entrance for design at IIT Bombay and Guwahati). Through UCEED I made it to IIIT Delhi. Bhardwaj classes is the place where you want to be if you want to pursue a career in Design, Fashion or Architecture. The faculty is amazing and really makes you work hard. The classes helped me a lot and built me up as a truly creative person. They change your perspective and make you see the world through the eyes of a designer. I highly recommend you Bhardwaj classes if you aspire to enter these creative fields.

Pratik Mukherjee

SRDAV Dayanand Vihar
NID Ahmedabad

I joined Bhardwaj Classes in the mid of my 11th. prior to that, I had no idea about the concept of design, The classes has transformed me in such a way that I have qualified almost all the entrance exams that I appeared in, which includes NID, NIFT, Srishti, MITID, etc., in my first attempt. this was only possible because of Bhardwaj sir. He gives, in addition to the classroom coaching, special attention to each student individually. he sits with every student, discusses their strengths and weaknesses, and guides to overcome the shortcomings.
I didn’t have any concept of portfolio before joining this institute, but the portfolio I have created during the past one and half years under his guidance, have been appreciated by every interview board which I have appeared.
In my opinion, this institute is one of the best coaching institute in this part of the city.
I thank you for your teaching and guidance sir!

Yogesh Gurera

Delhi College of Art
NID Design for Retail Experience

Undoubtedly, Bhardwaj classes is one of the best coaching institute for courses in designing. I could not qualify any of the written tests last year but this year I got selected for both NID and CEED, which proves that the guidance and coaching is of superior quality. There are a lot of other coaching institutes in the market which have a lot of batches and the number of students per batch is beyond imagination. But, Bhardwaj sir’s approach to coaching, specially limited number of batches and fixed number of students per batch, makes it quite easier for the students to communicate during the class. The best part about the classes being that he takes interest in everybody’s work and suggests improvements accordingly, which is also evident if we go through the record of previous students who have been selected in many reputed colleges. Bhardwaj sir’s push during the classes motivated me a lot to work harder and harder to achieve my goal. If you really have a creative spark in you to pursue your future in design then I will personally recommend to join the classes without giving any second thought.

Vrinda Gupta

Sardar Patel
B.Design, NIFT Delhi

Bhardwaj coaching classes is the most suitable platform for architecture and design coaching. I did a 2 year course and my journey here was quite awesome. Sir’s constant motivation, support and guidance helped me clear all my entrances. There were times when I was amazed to see my own works and creativity. Moreover, it was Sir’s constant efforts that channelized our energies in the right directions. Thanku so much Sir!!!!

Vithika Seth

DPS Noida
SPA Delhi

Bhardwaj classes have helped in realising my aim of getting into SPA Delhi.

Along with getting into SPA I had also cleared NIFT Delhi. I am very satisfied with the quality of training imparted through their classroom program. The environment was very conducive for learning.

Saurav Verma

NIFT Delhi
M.Design, NID Transportation Design

The most positive person and hence the most positive learning environment I found in my life, which definitely leads to desirable results.
Results not only in terms of merit list and ranks, but also in terms of ur personality.
I scored all India rank 1 in NID as well as IIT IDC just because the mentorship of Sir.
Will always be thankful to you sir.

Saksham Singh

DPS Noida
NID Vijayawada

My experience with Sir has been sublime. Sir, follows the most systematic way of developing the skill sets required for acing all design entrance examinations.

Starting off with the most fundamental things to getting down to creative exercises which focus on developing, the most important aspect of the preparation that is, to develop the right thinking. Before joining, I felt a ingle 3 hour class per week, won’t be ever be enough. But, as the weeks passed by I wished that the frequency of the classes be reduced because of the quality and quantity of the work which was expected of us after every 7 days. Even 24 hours will seem start seeming less, and this says a commerce without math student. Completing the work will drain one out completely but that is what will improve one on daily basis if one intends to follow him blindly without judging the exercises given to them. But I am sure that the personal attention and the right feedback given to you before and after every session as per your capabilities and abilities will surely take you places. So, give no second thoughts and make your dreams a reality because I owe my success to Bhardwaj Classes.

It’s been a privilege to have become a part of the Bhardwaj family. And words would never be able to justify what you have done for me.

Niharika Kapil

Delhi College of Art

It was an amazing learning experience which focused both on logical development and creative ideation. Bhardwaj Sir has a unique teaching method which gradually helped me develop my skill and ideas. At the end of the course here I definitely felt more knowledgeable and confident about projecting my ideas. His teachings are definitely going to help me in all my future design endeavours. Bhardwaj Sir is an excellent teacher and he always motivates his students and brings out the best in them. Lucky to have been under his guidance!

Khushi Bhargava

Apeejay Noida
B.Design, NIFT Mumbai

One of the very best coaching classes for achieving success in the land of creativity. Sir is a patient, enthusiastic and a very knowledgeable person. He will carefully let you explore your weakness and strengths by carefully assessing and guiding you. I will forever be blessed to have learned from him, thankyou so much sir.

Kanistha Saha Choudhury

NIFT Delhi

Bhardwaj classes have genuinely proved to be awesome. I am really very grateful to get a coaching from Sir. It would have been impossible to back a rank 1 in master’s programme in NIFT entrance without the right guidance from Bhardwaj classes.

The coaching given here very apt for any design related entrances, students are thoroughly trained to solve the questions in the most appropriate method within a given time limit, every student is motivated to give their best and regular practise helps the students to come out with flying colours.

Joyeeta Bhattacharya

Vishwa Bharati Noida
NIFT Bhopal

Joining Bhardwaj classes was one of the best decisions of my life. I would highly recommend it to all students aspiring to become designers and architects.

My personal experience here has been amazing.

The interactive classes have helped me become more confident of my skills and concepts. The classes are conducted in a very systematic and playful manner.

Under Sir’s guidance I was able to enhance my ability to perceive things and built up my self-confidence which I thought I never possessed. My time here has been a memorable one which I would cherish all my life.


Why us

Dedicated towards quality

For us our students and there dreams come first and we are committed and dedicated towards making our students dreams into reality.

Experienced & Qualified Faculty

Our Core Faculty is a product of NID and have unmatched track record of mentoring Design and Architecture Aptitude Test Toppers. We have a passion for teaching. We understand student psychology and are experts in counselling & motivating students to excel in their endeavors.

Well Designed and Structured Program

The course design is so self-sufficient, that a student can safely rely, solely on Bhardwaj classes with no unnecessary confusion about where to study from, our students feel more confident on the eve of examination than other aspirants.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Our extremely innovative & advanced teaching methodology, an extremely robust discussion, The Final Step Revision Course, use of technology are just some of the innovations Bhardwaj Classes has pioneered for creative aspirants.

Small Batch Size

Since inception Bhardwaj Classes has always focused on quality teaching before anything else. We form few batches with small batch size to give individual attention to students. We have been producing top rankers and high success % consistently. 

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